Selected Projects

A shorted list of some challenging projects 


Platforms: Android, iOS | Languages: Java, Python
Fastmóvil is a comprehensive application suite designed for booking private taxi cabs in Ecuador. Conceived to offer seamless navigation, this suite includes a mobile application, a web application, and backend support.
Key Metrics (as of July 2017):

  • Downloads: 52,000
  • Monthly Usage: 50,000 launches
  • Monthly Transactions: 30,000

This project successfully addresses the need for convenient and efficient cab booking, underpinning its success with substantial user engagement metrics.

Near Light Communication 

Platforms: Arduino, Android

Near Light Communication is a pioneering mobile application project which allows text transmission through the utilization of light codes. The codes are detected and deciphered by custom-developed hardware, outfitted with an Arduino board and photoreceptors. This innovative approach to communication showcases the effective intersection of mobile application development and hardware engineering, making it a notable accomplishment in my portfolio.


Project at Software Engineering, Saarland University
Technologies: OpenCV, Python
DiceViewer is an open-source initiative designed to revolutionize board game experiences. The project utilizes the potent combination of computer vision and neural networks to identify and broadcast the outcome of dice throws. By bringing cutting-edge technology to the traditional realm of board games, this project serves as a notable example of my ability to innovate and integrate different technological aspects.

Real-Gesture Recognition

Project at Human Computer Interaction, Saarland University
Python · Arduino ·  Custom Hardware 
Real-Gesture Recognition is an advanced Arduino-based system engineered to accurately identify hand-gestures in real-time. Utilizing time-series feature extraction, the system effectively classifies pre-trained sensor inputs. This project showcases the successful integration of hardware interfacing and software programming to create a real-time gesture recognition solution, making it a landmark endeavor in my portfolio of innovative projects.